Navigating Christian Singleness

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Learn to Love the Path God has for You

You are far more than your relationship status.

Find hope, purpose, and worth from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule at the Navigating Christian Singleness summit! 

Join the experts and learn biblical, practical truths about living life well...whether you get married or not.

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Three Days Of Speakers Showing You Not Only How To Navigate Singleness, But How To Find True Fulfillment 


Hey, friend!

➔ Do you feel isolated even though you are a part of a church community?

➔ Isn't it frustrating when there are so many well-intentioned people trying to speak into your singleness but they just don't get it?

➔ Are you stuck battling temptation and questioning God in the place He has you?

➔ How would you feel if you knew you did not have to walk this path alone?

Meet Your Hosts

We are Connie White and Philip Wilder. We put together this incredible event because we are passionate about addressing the struggles Christian singles have (emotional, spiritual, experiential, and physical). And we want to provide practical ways to address them, AND help church leadership understand and minister to singles better.

You can learn more about our mission in the book that we co-authored Single Isn't Second-Best.

Featuring some of the most influential speakers in the industry

Meet the Speakers

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Jordan G. Welch

"Running Out of Time"

Artist, Musician

Dr. PJ Dunn

"Be Complete in Christ"

Coach, Discipleship Consultant

Dr. Kell Bush

"Loneliness: What's God Got to Do With It?"

Teacher, Coach, CEO of The Happy Single Co

Esther Gualtieri

"How to be an Emotionally Healthy Single"

Author, Coach, Podcaster

Dani Treweek

"What's Our Problem with Singleness?"

Author, Speaker, Teacher

Dr. David Brühlmann

"Finding Your God-given Purpose as a Single"

Author, Host of Unlock Meaning Podcast, Biotech Consultant

Joshua Erickson

"Does the Church Idolize Marriage?"

Author, Co-host on the Thriving in Singleness Podcast

Dr. Lina Toth

"Christian Single Living: Stories from the Past, and Envisioning It Today"

Theologian, Educator, Author of Singleness and Marriage after Christendom

Kathryn Means

"How to Live With Open Hands While Waiting for Big Things"

Host of Unlearning the Narrative of Singleness

Juanita Fike

"My Testimony of Learning to Love A Lifetime of Singleness"


Brady Cone

"Same-Sex Attraction"

Executive Director of Calibrate Ministries, the Host of The Great Exchange Podcast

Kate Hurley-Krause

"Validating Singles' Struggles and God's Goodness"

Singer-Songwriter, Writer, Life Coach, Teacher

Dr. Jim Weidenaar

"Pornography And God’s Original Plan For Sex"

Associate Pastor at First Reformed Presbyterian Church

Thomas DeLong

"How to Date Well"

Founder of the Thriving in Singleness podcast

Joy Ellerbe

"Putting Feet to God’s Vision While Single"

Chief Steward over Kingdom First Productions and Kingdom First Publishing

Connie White

"Women Lust Too: My Struggle With Sexual Sin"

Summit Co-Host, Author, Speaker

Philip Wilder

"How to Not Worry About Tomorrow"

Summit Co-Host, Author, Speaker

Singleness is not a problem to be solved.

Your relationship status is not your identity; Christ is.

Access the recordings of the Navigating Christian Singleness summit and get the tools, resources, key steps to make the most of your path that God has for you.

You're probably wondering... What EXACTLY will I get out of attending this online summit?

Here's a peek into the session topics for the virtual summit, Navigating Christian Singleness.

01. Finding true community in the Church as a single

02. Fighting temptation

03. Healthy dating

04. Truths that lead to contentment

05. Breaking the marriage fantasy

06. Finding joy and fulfillment in Christ

07. Building community


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STEP 3: Get ready to see some practical transformation

And finally! You're on your way to loving the path God has for you. We don't want to leave you with lofty or "church-y" answers. We will provide you with practical tools and practices that you can implement into your every day life. 

Learn More About Your Hosts

Connie White

In 2022, C.E. White (Connie) co-authored the book “Single Isn’t Second-Best” with Philip Wilder. This book was inspired by her own experience as a single Christian prior to marrying at the age of thirty-three. Frustrated with the narrative that our lives are incomplete without a significant other, she wanted to encourage other Christians to live their single lives fully, finding the joy, purpose, and contentment Christ has for all believers. White has written books in several genres, and her goal in all is to reveal meaningful spiritual truths in simple, practical ways so Christians can apply them in the day-to-day and embrace life wherever God has placed them. In her courses, you will find down-to-earth insights based on biblical foundations and coupled with personal experience. She has a particular passion for helping singles date wisely and avoid the temptation to rush marriage or settle for someone out of fear, having narrowly avoided these pitfalls herself. More at

Philip Wilder

As the awkward middle child who didn’t fit in, Philip idolized marriage from a young age hoping to finally find his best friend. He believed he’d only find true joy in life once he got married. However, when his siblings got married, he still awaited his first girlfriend. God met him in this difficulty and taught him to appreciate his singleness and utilize it to serve two years as an undercover missionary in the Middle East. Philip has been married for two years, and—though he’s very happily married—he’s discovered just how unrealistic his expectations were for marriage, and that true joy is only found in Christ. He’s now authored six novels and two nonfiction books, including “Single Isn’t Second-Best” with Connie White. Philip writes to help young men follow God on grand adventures by taking wild steps of faith. More at

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What To Expect...

➕ Gain biblical truths and practical applications that you can use immediately.

➕ Learn from those who can identify with the difficulties you face and speak into your day-to-day

➕ Trade loneliness and isolation for a community that empowers you to live in your God-given purpose.

➕ Feel understood and seen by people who have lived what you are living and who have experience in the path that you are on.



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Learn how to love the path that God has for you from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule with Navigating Christian Singleness! 

Join the experts and learn biblical truths and practical applications that you can use in your day-to-day life.